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Volunteer Outreach Service Opportunities 2016

View the list of Guadalupe County Master Gardener Volunteer Outreach Service Opportunities.   Some have no chair or coordinator (you are welcome to take the project);  others have a chair or coordinator listed so that you can ask questions or volunteer. Remember, all of these projects need your help by volunteering to Support Guadalupe County.

Master Gardener Phone Line & Library.  Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Building , 210 East Live Oak, Seguin, TX 78155

Contact:  Betty Hughes, ehughes5@satx.rr.com 830-303-3889  
Date and Time:  Mondays from 9 to noon.
Task: Volunteers needed to run copies for our various events, package seeds and answer phones. ehughes5@satx.rr.com to find out what days she needs people. We need seeds for our events. Just drop them by the Texas AgriLife A&M Extension Office, labeled with the name (common name & Latin if you know it) and the year they were harvested. If there is a specific color, mention that too. No Mountain Laurel please. If the seed is rare or an heirloom, add that to the description.

KWED Lawn & Garden Show-Seguin, KWED 1580AM 905 East Court Street, Seguin, TX 78155

Contact: Bob Grafe, alaskagrafe@yahoo.com\Ryla Cottingham/Janet Grafe
Date: Every Saturday, Time 9:05an
Task:  Master Gardeners, Master Gardener interns & students research a garden subject to talk about and go on live radio with the support by your side from:  Bob Grafe

Guadalupe County Community Garden (GCCG),

Guadalupe County Annex Building in Schertz, 1101 Elbel Road, Schertz, TX 78154
Chairman: Ann and Dale Odvody,  odvodyd@swbell.net
Date: Workdays scheduled Every Tuesday and Friday 8:00am.
Task: Volunteers will monitor – maintain, repair, plant. This teaching garden provides produce for Food Banks and other needy programs.  Contact Garden chair if you would like to work in the garden another day or time.  All volunteer workers welcome. Contact Ann for another work time.

Texas Agricultural & Heritage Center, Big Red Barn –390 Cordova Road, Seguin, Texas 78155

Master Gardener Educational Garden, Herb Garden & Certified Butterfly Garden
Contact person for Master Gardener volunteers:  Janice Knobles (use VMS to send e-mail).
Date: Every Friday Mornings
Task: Duties of the vegetable garden are weeding and trimming, mulching, re-planting, Re-creating new beds. The garden is maintained for the sole purpose to use as Educational Presentations for Master Gardener programs, Ag Awareness Fairs, Pecan Festival and Ag Festival.  This education garden is also open to the public for the Big Red Barn tours; contact the Big Red Barn for tour dates and time, (830) 379-0933
 Guadalupe Master Gardener “Gardening with Kids”
Contact: Peggy Jones, jljones@swbell.net
Task:  The “Gardening with Kids” committee and volunteers will present to teachers and students the gardening concept with display boxes and informational resources as well as working with teachers in the Seguin, LaVernia and Schertz schools and Out Door Learning Center in Guadalupe County.  The Committee will plan programs and Trainings with hands on activities to be offered to teachers for CEU credits and assist with developing the gardening plans for their schools.
Guadalupe County Master Gardeners
“Outreach Volunteer Project\LaVernia”
Contact Iris Seale at 830 779-2834 or iseale@gvec.net
Dates: 2013-2014 School year
Location: La Vernia Primary School, 249 FM 1346 S
Task: Master Gardener volunteers are needed to support this program. One per teacher if possible. This will be a project that will be during the school day; not after school. Iris says parent involvement in this school is high. So more than likely there will be lots of parents supporting these teachers also but Master Gardeners are needed. Background checks will be required through the school system at no expense in addition to the MG background check. 10’s will be issued to be worn when on school grounds at all times. You can help make the gardener of the future! You can leave it at the office or mail it to the Primary School at 249 FM 1346 S, La Vernia, TX 78121.
Items Required: They have the funds to prep the area, build the raised beds and add the soil. The beds will be ready by September. There are 13 teachers that want to participate in this program. Iris is going to meet with the teachers and help get them started using some of the Junior Master Gardening activities and Square Foot Gardening, but Iris cannot do this alone. Volunteer today.


 AgriLife Extension/Master Gardeners Water Fairs
Contact:Carol Calentine, carol.calentine@ag.tamu.edu to sign up
Dates & Location:
Task: All shifts will have an Extension agent to assist volunteers.  All supplies will be provided by the Extension Office.  Master Volunteers set up and run Rainfall simulator, Water Cycle, Enviroscape, Edible Aquifer displays games Demonstrations for 3rd 4th or 5th graders in 15-20 minute increments. Three Guadalupe County School demonstrations in May, three in October, and two with The Outdoor Learning Center in Seguin. Dates will be set after the school year starts and Extension and Schools have their Curriculum set for the year. All of these Demonstrations have handouts and steps that can be requested to review before volunteering.
Earth Day in Seguin at the Square/MG Plant Sale
Date: April ,  7:30 to 3:30
Location: Seguin middle of the Square
Committee Chair:
Task: In February, a committee of volunteers come up with a theme for recycle, and selects a chairman. Set up three to five booths and volunteers carry materials, set up displays, talk to the community about plants and gardening, answer questions, and possible demonstrations, one table will be to involve the kids and/or parents with a recycle projects.  This is a great Location to recruit adults for next Master Gardener class. Two tables to SALE Plants this year (1st time). two to three shifts
Ag Festival
Date: May, set up at 4:00pm and doors open at 5 pm-9pm
Location: Texas Agricultural Education & Heritage Center, Big Red Barn 390 Cordova Road, Seguin, Texas
Contact: Chairman ________________________ (4 vol)
Task: Volunteers take handout materials and free seeds, set up display, and talk to the community about plants and gardening. This project targets adult to involve them in What the Masters Gardeners are and what they do, example having educational programs and demonstrate gardening to the public.
Guadalupe County Fair,
City of Seguin Coliseum 950 South Austin Street, Seguin, TX 78155
Date: October
Location: City of Seguin Coliseum 950 South Austin Street, Seguin, TX 78155
Contact: Committee Chair Cindy Martin
Task: Master Gardeners are responsible for acceptance of Horticultural Division and other related entries to be judged. During the Fair, Master Gardeners operate information and demonstration booths where they talk to the public and answer questions and give seeds and handouts. several days and shifts
Ag Awareness Fair-The Big Red Barn–
Date: September
Location:  Texas Agricultural Education & Heritage Center, Big Red Barn, 390 Cordova Road, Seguin, Texas78155
Contact:   Chairman:   ______________________,
Two shifts each day.
Task: Volunteers talk to 3rd 4th or 5th graders about importance of gardening and produce in 15-20 minute increments around 12 times during the day. (Master Gardeners schedule volunteers for only four days.) Master Gardeners are approved to volunteer the other three weeks thru the Big Red barn by calling (830) 379-0933.
Pecan Show Heritage Days
Date:  November   10 am – 6 pm
Location: Texas Agricultural Education & Heritage Center, Big Red Barn 390 Cordova Road, Seguin,
Contact: Chairman ____________________ 
  Two shifts each day, open to the public
Task:  Volunteers will man the vegetable garden, the Drip Irrigation area, and a booth at the Big Red Barn answering questions — volunteer shifts (ideally, two volunteers per shift; volunteers are welcome to serve on more than one shift) Also at other stations in the Barn and still get credit hours (helping with kids activities)
Ag Fair- AgriLife , Schertz/Cibolo/Universal City
Date: October , this is a 3-day event.  from 8:30 to 3:00pm  two shifts per day
Location:  Cibolo FFA Barn, Toby Connor Complex in Cibolo
Contact: Chairman ____________________
Task: Volunteers set up display of square foot gardening with several display boxes, topics gardening/produce /horticulture, also work the water shed stations these are 15 to 20-minute sessions. Presentations around 12 times each day, to 3rd or 4th grade elementary students. There is no garden at this location to walk thru Master Gardeners use the Raised Bed Display and the Jr. Master Gardener travel displays to introduce teachers and students the square foot gardening concept.
Christmas tree decorating contest
Location: in Seguin at the Square
Date: December
Contact: Chairman ____________________
Task: create a theme, make decorations, buy a tree, decorate and take down tree at Seguin Central Park.
Lots of fun needs about 5 or 6 volunteers.
San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo
Date: January thru February
Location: Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, TX.
Contact: Dale Odvody, Volunteer chair with Bexar County, odvodyd@swbell.net
Task: Volunteers assist Bexar County Master Gardeners in Pre-construction phase starts January includes the entire building. February is the start date to work booths. Great way to get volunteer hours and work with Bexar County Master Gardeners. You will park your vehicle and are shuttled to location. Come early and tour the grounds.

 If a Master Gardener sees, about the need to help with a horticultural education project please contact a board member to announce at the next board meeting for review and or approval.

Master Gardeners:  remember that to retain your certification you need to report your volunteer and continuing education hours using the Volunteer Management System (Log on to) www.texas.volunteersystem.org




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