Texas Master Gardener Training and Certification

Only individuals trained in the Texas Master Gardener program are allowed to use the Texas Master Gardener title. This title is for use in assisting the Texas AgriLife Extension Service objectives and mission. The Master Gardener program is divided into two title certifications: Master Gardener Intern and Master Gardener. Following is information about the certification process:

Master Gardener Trainee:

Successfully complete a minimum of 50 hours of instruction and coursework.

Master Gardener Internship:

Complete a minimum of 50 hours of community service and continuing education (combined hours) within one year of graduation.

Master Gardener Certification:

Individual must meet all requirements of internship, see above.

Master Gardener Re-Certification:

In order to retain the Texas Master Gardener title in Guadalupe County, individuals are required each year to participate in a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education and volunteer service through the local Texas AgriLife Extension Service office.

When to use the Master Gardener Title:

The Texas Master Gardener Title is to be used only when doing unpaid volunteer work in this program. (When Texas Master Gardeners speak before groups on horticultural subjects it is permissible for them to accept unsolicited reimbursements or gifts.)

It is recommended that Master Gardeners, as well as Interns, wear their Master Gardener badge when participating in service projects.

Master Gardener trainees, Interns, and Master Gardeners are encouraged to participate in local Master Gardener association groups and to attend State/Regional Master Gardener conferences.

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