2018 Master Gardener Class #31

Guadalupe County Master Gardeners

Master Gardener Class 31

July 31 – November 27, 2018

Tuesday afternoons from 12:45 to 4:45 p.m. 

Guadalupe County Extension Office

210 East Live Oak, Seguin, Texas

Cost is $190, Application Deadline July 27, 2018

Are you interested in learning more about gardening and sharing the information you learn with others? If this peaks your interest,  enroll in Guadalupe County Master Gardeners Class #31.   You will receive superior gardening instructions   … and make a commitment to attend all the classes and successfully complete open-book, take-home tests.  Volunteer 50 hours with Guadalupe County Master Gardeners over a 12-month period, and share what you learn with the community and others.

For more information contact  Karen Ulrich, Class 31 Coordinator, kku14035@aol.com, 210 422-1594.

*Click on  link below for 2018 Class Application Form and Volunteer Application

NOTE:  The application deadline was July 1, but has been extended to July 27.  Please disregard the July 1  deadline on the application.

As a student of Guadalupe County Master Gardeners Class #31, you will learn practical gardening techniques and values from faculty and staff of Texas A&M University and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, as well as from Certified Master Gardener Specialists.

►     How Plants Grow And What You Need To Know To Help

►     How To Achieve Proper Balance Of Soil, Water & Plant Nutrients

►     Earthkind®:  How To Minimize Your Impact On The Planet.

►     How To Grow Vegetables You Like To Eat

►     How To Have A Better Lawn

►     How To Propagate Plants

►     How To Harvest, Store And Re-Use Rainwater

►     How To Save Water By Making Your Own Drip Irrigation System

►     How To Evaluate Plant Health And Diagnose Problems

►     How To Make Compost In Your Own Backyard

►     How To Tell Good Bugs From Bad…And How To Get Rid Of The Bad w/o Hurting The Good.

►     How To Use  To Bring Nature Back To Your Landscape

►     How To Select, Plant And Nurture Trees In South Central Texas

►     How To Be Firewise® In Your Landscape Design

►     How To Improve Your Landscape Design

►     How To Grace Your Landscape/Garden With Herbs And Heirlooms

►     How To Produce Your Own Fruit And Nuts At Home

►     How To Achieve Your Personal Gardening Goals

That’s a lot of gardening know-how.  There is no other place in Guadalupe County where you can get so much for so little.

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